#WisdomForFuture: A Review of A Civil Action

On Friday the fifteenth of March, Greta Thunberg proclaimed another #FridaysForFuture—a day when students skipped school to protest for responsible energy usage and a cleaner, greener planet. I watched videos of thousands of students out on the streets, holding up signs and shouting things like “You’re killing our lungs!” The same day, I accompanied a friend as he passed out flyers at our legislative building. It was easy to believe that we could have some impact on what lawyers and legislators decided. And yet—what if you were the only voice? Would you be lost in the opposition?

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Manhattan: A Review of The Rainmaker


The RainmakerWhen we all slept in one room, I used to ask my siblings, “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

One of my siblings wanted to live in Laos, in a house with screens instead of doors. I said I wanted to write in a great big lonely mansion in the mountains. My youngest sibling said, “I want to be a lawyer.”

This took us all by surprise. “Why?” we asked.

“So I can get rich and live in a penthouse in Manhattan.”

It didn’t seem as far-fetched as it really was. After all, what do lawyers do? Get a case. Win it. Make boatloads of money. Right?

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