Top Three Books: May 2019

With summer just around the corner, my family and I have been planning all sorts of things to do in the next couple months—hiking, traveling, workshops, the like. But my bookshelf hasn’t been neglected, either. Here are three of May’s best: 

The Art of Thinking Clearly, by Rolf Dobelli

Logic and reason are highly prized in human society—in fact, we would claim that almost all our decisions are made consciously. But in The Art of Thinking Clearly, writer and entrepreneur Rolf Dobelli says otherwise. This fascinating book for older readers delves into the unconscious biases and fallacies that influence our decisions.

Dragonworld, by Michael Reaves

Ansel is a lone inventor living in his home in the hills of Fandora. But when his young friend Johan dies mysteriously after using one of Ansel’s inventions, the Fandorans become convinced that the Simbalese, their neighbors to the south, are waging war against them. Ansel sets off in search of the truth. Will he be able to avert disaster? This is heartwarming fantasy for younger readers is bursting with unique characters and fascinating places.

Beauty, by Robin McKinley

Beauty—clumsy, plain, bookish Beauty—has moved to the country with her family after her father’s financial ruin. But when her father rides home one day with a rose and a terrible tale, Beauty knows that the least she can do for her struggling family is to leave them. In this dramatic retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Robin McKinley weaves a tale of self-discovery, love, and family.

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