Top Three Books: February 2019

For many, February is the perfect opportunity to find love, or at least heart-shaped chocolates. However, I prefer to think of February as a month to find books that I’ll love. Here are some of this month’s best:

Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown

Professor Robert Langdon is a religious symbology teacher at Harvard College. When he receives a horrifying fax early one morning, he becomes embroiled in a chase after one of the oldest satanic cults in history: the Illuminati. But the Illuminati are notorious for infiltration. As time runs out, Langdon faces a problem: who can he trust? This novel for older teens is a thrilling adventure through history.

The Elegant Universe, by Brian Greene

What if, beyond atoms, protons, and even quarks, there was another building block of life? What if there were other dimensions? In this book, Brian Greene presents the string theory, which, at its most basic, claims that the world is made up of tiny particles, “strings,” that distinguish the elements by vibrating at different frequencies. This book is wonderful for advanced readers with a deep knowledge of physics and an equally deep curiosity about the world at the quantum level.

Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson

When he was eight years old, David Charleston watched his father die at the hand of Steelheart, an Epic, or one of the beings of incredible power that arrived on Earth some years before. Since then, David has spent his whole life searching for Steelheart’s weakness. When David is captured by the Reckoners, a rebel group intent on killing all the Epics, he realizes that ten years’ worth of planning may not have been enough—but the battle has already started. This sci-fi novel is a perfect match for younger teens who love action and realistic characters.