Top Three Books: September 2018

Chalice - David and Goliath - Elantris

It’s almost the end of September, and though I’ve had trouble choosing, I finally have singled out my three favorite books of this month. Each one of these books is surprising, memorable, and a good start for another school year:

Chalice, by Robin McKinley

When Mirasol becomes Chalice, one of the most important figures in her demesne, she is faced with a challenge: the new Master—the ruler of the demesne—is a Fire Priest, a being with skin so hot it will burn you. How will her demesne unite under a Master they don’t trust? This fiction novel is a good choice for teens who like honest, realistic, and magical tales.

David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell

I’ve been listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History for some time now, and he always seems to turn what I know—or what I thought I knew—on its head. In David and Goliath, he does just the same. Through a complex weaving of true stories, Gladwell reveals that disadvantages often lead to success. David and Goliath is a wonderful book for teens (and adults) who enjoy shocking nonfiction.

Elantris, by Brandon Sanderson

Princess Sarene is on her way to Arelon to meet her husband, Prince Raoden, for the first time, when she finds out he is dead. As she tries to uncover the facts about her husband’s mysterious death, she is entangled in a dangerous political knot. Brandon Sanderson’s tween-level novel tells an impressive tale of intrigue, murder, and magic.

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