The Six Robinson Crusoes: A Review of Swallows and Amazons

swallows and amazons

My “Aunt” Rhiannon (she’s not really my aunt, but she is so nice that I consider her one) has always told me to read this book. I finally acquired it, and have decided that “Aunt” Rhiannon made no mistake in recommending it to me. Swallows and Amazons, by Arthur Ransome, is a story about four children (the Swallows) who camp on an island. There they find themselves being attacked by Nancy and Peggy (the Amazons), two fierce pirates. Together the Swallows and the Amazons have an adventure-filled stay on the island. I loved this book mostly because it was exciting and slightly funny. Are you ready? Let’s go find out why!

Maybe this book sounds a little boring. Trust me, it isn’t. There was a lot of excitement typed on the pages of Swallows and Amazons, such as a “war” out on the lake surrounding the island and a pirate in a house-boat. Also, imagine reading about a boat, barely visible, rowing silently across seemingly deserted waters. The three inmates of the boat talk in whispers. It is midnight. They are on a daring expedition . . . doesn’t that fill you with a nervous, jumpy feeling? That is what it did to me, and I loved it.

This book was funny. I don’t mean the “OOH! Ha ha, you gotta read this!” kind of funny, but the kind that makes you laugh to yourself and say, “Oh wow, that is great.” I suppose the fact that made it so comical was that the characters pretended a lot, but they were dead serious. For example, anyone who didn’t live on the island was called a “native”, even if it was their mother. They, of course, couldn’t tell everything to the natives because who knew if they were trustworthy? That seemed a little absurd to me so I always ended up laughing a little, even if I was in a bad mood.

This story delighted me. It is fairly easy to read. The books’ characters were very much influenced by the book Robinson Crusoe. Don’t hesitate to read this book! It could be called “The Six Robinson Crusoes.”

Ages: 10+

You can buy the book here.

swallows and amazons2

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