Real Mystery: A Review of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

sherlock holmes

I have never been a mystery book fanatic. I’ve always preferred historical fiction or fantasy—books of action. Whenever I see a mystery book, I usually think, “Mmm-hmm. I’ll read that later. Is there anything else?” But if all the mystery books in existence were like The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, I’d be addicted to mystery books. (Well, almost.)

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is a collection of the 12 most famous adventures of Sherlock Holmes. It includes A Scandal in Bohemia, The Adventure of the Speckled Band, and The Red Headed League. I was extremely entertained by this collection, and if you’re wondering, this is the real thing (not retold for children).

Okay, I’ll tell you this again, so that you know the truth: this book was engaging! These stories were told in the perspective of Dr. Watson, Sherlock Holmes’ friend and assistant. Dr. Watson tells the disturbing and strange facts of the cases, but he leaves you almost totally in the dark concerning Holmes’ logic. At the end of each adventure, however, Holmes explains his deductions given the facts and the steps he took to solve the mystery.

But heaven knows what this book would have been like had the cases been about silly problems like stolen peaches. Instead, the cases were uncanny and bewildering. What was the “speckled band”? What did the initials K.K.K. stand for? Why would a governess have to wear an electric blue dress and crop her hair short? The people who present the case make you anxious too: their faces are contorted with unease, they pace up and down; they talk hurriedly in distressed voices. Yes, I definitely prefer these cases to problems about stolen peaches (or anything silly like that).

So do you want to be thrilled? Oh, a little extravagant Victorian era English won’t stop you, right? So go ahead! Pick up this book! See if you can stay one step ahead of Sherlock Holmes.

You can buy the book here.

Ages: 12+

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  1. José Luis Cruz says:

    “Watson, the problem is that you look, not observe.”
    Good job!


  2. Alissa Nicol says:

    One of my favorites!!

    Liked by 1 person

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