An Adventure Founded on Pie: A Review of Pi in the Sky

pi in the sky

Do you like pie? I do. Would you like to deliver pies? If you ask me, even though you probably never will, I’d say no. Too tempting. I’d eat them faster than anyone on earth… except that this story doesn’t take place on earth! Pi in the Sky, by Wendy Mass, is a story about a boy named Joss. He lives in The Realms, a cleverly hidden place that controls the universe. When the earth mysteriously disappears, Annika, a girl from earth who somehow survived, and Joss, a special pie deliverer, are tasked with the job of bringing back the earth. This story mixes science, absurdness, and adventure into a delightful book. On the level-of-reading scale, I’d say this is the perfectly balanced medium. I’ll convince you to read this in no time… hopefully. This is such a great book!

Oh, please don’t run away screaming when I say “science”. This isn’t a textbook, ok? As I had said before, the boy Joss lives in The Realms. The Realms are hidden by a substance called “dark matter”, which is invisible because it neither absorbs, reflects, or gives off light (why they would call it dark matter? Beats me). It might seem a little complicated, but the concept is pretty simple. If you read the “What You Need To Know” page in the book you’ll understand even more.

This story is a bit absurd—the kind of absurd that makes you say, “This is so weird! Who had this brilliant idea?” For example, what kind of author would invent someone who plays the drums so badly it makes you want to scream? Only a great writer—with crazy ideas. Somehow, Wendy Mass puts all these pieces together into a perfect concoction: a book called Pie in the Sky. Sometimes bizarre ideas can seem kind of funny…

The adventure in this book is something I had never read before: kind of like a treasure hunt. This kind of adventure makes you want to jump out of your seat, yet at the same time say, “Ahh…I think I’ll watch the sun set.” It’s a strange feeling, but altogether pleasant. This book is not the super action-y kind but it is exciting nevertheless. There is a little bit of tension, because Joss mustn’t be stopped by the PTB (the “powers that be”, kind of like the Government and the FBI mixed together). Trying to bring back the earth is difficult to do without being seen…especially when you’re encouraged by the ugly “Gluck the Yuck”. This book is great for people who aren’t the super-action-book kind, though even if you are, you’ll still love this pie—sorry, this story.

You can buy the book here.

Ages: 10+ (If you’re 8 and you’re fine with the ‘dark matter’ stuff, you can read this book.)

pi in the sky3

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  1. Geneviève Lanthier says:

    I loved this! You’re such a good writer! 🙂


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