Turn Into a Fortune Teller!: A Review of When the Tripods Came

when the tripods came3


SEQUEL ALERT! This is the fourth of four books.

Free Earth.

After three books about the Earth being captive to the Masters, you open this book and the Earth is free. You don’t groan in dismay, you don’t rejoice, but you go on. Which is a good idea, considering this book is nothing like the disappointment of The Pool of Fire.

When the Tripods Came, by John Christopher (yes, I had a feeling that you would remind me that his real name is Samuel Youd), tells of what happened when the Tripods came (I know, pretty obvious). Laurie was on a camping trip with his friend when he witnessed one of the first Tripods on the Earth. After being (somewhat easily) destroyed, a new show called the “Trippy show” appears on TV. It seems to ridicule the Tripods. However, strange things start happening. Mobs of hypnotized people called the “Trippies” start handing out things called “Caps” (if you’ve read the first three books you’ll know what they are) and worshipping the Tripods. The masters have gotten their grip on the Earth.

The book When the Tripods Came invoked a cold feeling of horror inside me. How could a silly TV program invoke madness? Surely we are in control of our TV shows! But in the Tripod world, we seem to have lost control. Thousands are horribly hypnotized by their creation. Even the most trusted are mesmerized. A policeman, the science teacher, a radio announcer–all are shouting “Hail the Tripod!” in a way that chills you to the bones, even if it is only a book.

You might be frowning skeptically and thinking, “Wow, this Sophia kid is really sensitive. A book ‘chills’ her to the bone? Sheesh, man.” However, I will protest: books rarely affect me strongly. And this one was a shock. The cold dread that filled me made a deep impression in my mind, convincing me that I should write a fairly positive review about this book. See?

OK, this book didn’t continue Will Parker’s adventures. But this book was satisfying. It explains what happens in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling like you knew everything in the book, but leaves you with the feeling of a sneaky fortune teller. You know the Masters are doing this-and-this-and-this (I’m not actually telling you because you’ll be angry at me for spoiling the story), but you don’t know every detail of what’s going on. In short, you get an anticipating, fortune-teller-transforming, satisfying book.

Have you understood what the message in this review is? It should be a little obvious, but if you haven’t understood anyhow, that’s fine with me, ’cause I’m going to tell it to you right now in really poor English: ladies and dudes, this book is awesome, so you should read it right now. Also, it’ll make you feel like a fortune teller. Goodbye!

You can buy the book here.

Ages: 10+

when the tripods came4

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