Rebellion: A Review of The White Mountains

the white mountains3

SEQUEL ALERT! This is the first of four books.

Humanity has worn out its brains to create complicated machines, making our lives easier and more comfortable. Take the smartphone, for example. With it we can have access to people all over the world without having to wait for months for a reply.

I am sure you have thought about the theory of machines taking over the planet. However this idea seems impossible: we are the ones who (mortally, at least) control the planet! But, you think, …could it be possible? Could we create machines with such advanced technology that they could have “minds”?

The White Mountains, by John Christopher (Samuel Youd), is staged in a world where huge machines called “Tripods” dominate the earth. At age thirteen, boys and girls take part in a ceremony called the “Capping.” The Tripods install metal meshes, called “Caps,” on the heads of the young folks.

Will Parker is nervous for his Capping, which is only a few weeks ahead. When he meets a strange man who calls himself Ozymandias, he finds out the truth behind the Capping. Thus begins his journey to the White Mountains, where Tripods do not rule.

In the “Preface,” John Christopher (oh fine, Samuel Youd) writes, “The publisher wanted the future; I was more interested in the past. I reckoned I might satisfy both of us by combining the two.” He did this very well. In a medieval world where watches and glasses are rare, mysterious things, huge futuristic machines rule the world. A strange aura is created by this fact, as if the book were beating out a rhythm: “Why? Why? Why isn’t it possible?” Something that you, the dominant reader, wouldn’t expect from the humble little book in your hands. But the fact is, this is what the book is all about: defying the monstrous machines that make sure humanity remains docile.

There was a lot of excitement in this book, as well as tension. The beginning of the book was exciting and mysterious: what was the Capping? Were we in the future or in the past? What were the Tripods? But as the book went on, things became clearer…and others hazier. So in your haste to understand all the unanswered questions and find out the truth about Capping, you find yourself speeding through the book, with only a couple chapters left to read. Things get daring and dangerous…you get very nervous. I found that my breath wasn’t normal and I shook all over when I finally but triumphantly slammed the cover shut. There was no stopping me doing my self-assigned duty: I was going to read the next in the series, The City of Gold and Lead.

So when you become sick of petty books with names like “Betty and the Cupcake Club”, pick up THE TRIPODS: The White Mountains. Actually, the best idea would be to start reading it now. It is the first book of the TRIPOD series, so it’s safe. If you would like to know, there are three books that follow: The City of Gold and Lead, The Pool of Fire, and When the Tripods Came. So do not hesitate to open this book that could have been described in one word: REBELLION.

You can buy the book here.

Ages: 10+

the white mountains4

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